Piano Tiles 2™ App Reviews

188 add

Addicted to the game !

I just love it


Pretty good game :)



Ó melhor

Mto bom

One of my favorite games

It only has one issue: the timing of the songs is off sometimes and that might ruin the fun of playing for some people


My favoutite gane


A very nice game, but its not easy! 5 stars




Its fun!


Nice and Fun

Beware the highly addictive game

This game is so addictive I couldnt stop playing it. Great game! Relaxing for the brain while stimulating enough to keep me not only awake but also excited through a six-hour bus ride.

More stars if less ads

There used to be a way to pay to get rid of ads, but no longer. This is a fun game, but play it in airplane mode or be inundated by ads.


Good stuff but my thumbs are old


Addictive af


Its my favorite game

Everything but...

This game is so addicting!!! I really enjoy playing this game, its a stress reliever. However, the new updates where the app allows you to play pop songs, are awful!!!! They sound nothing like the songs!!!

Addicting & Fun

Im lovin this game to pass time but i would like to see a more wider selectionnof modern songs. But all in all, great app.

This game is awesome

This game really works your thumps and its really fun so if you think about it its exercise and its a game


I already gave u guys a review but Im giving another one because Im a big fan of piano tiles and to show my love I made a huge sign saying download piano tiles 2 and put it on my front lawn Im righting this because this is the only way I can get the message out to the creators so if you read this i know its A lot to ask for but please mention my name: rosy on the app somehow for a day or two this is a lot to ask for but my mom always said is that the worst they can say is no

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