Piano Tiles 2™(Don't Tap The White Tile 2) App Reviews

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Great Game!!!!

Love it its really fun!

The best app

Very good


the lack of sensitivity with the keys (like the left key right now) has been mentioned here but no fix for it yet, even after the last update. not good for a company happily accepting in app purchases.

Good but glitchy

The game isnt registering some touches, making us to lose. Also, sometimes it touches the tiles by itself. Just like user "Nnoel6" related. And, seriously, a 6 minutes advertising video for one diamond!!?!

Really good app, just one problem

I have n iPhone 6s Plus and it seems to not have correct touch sensitivity, like it doesnt want to press the note that I pressed. Otherwise recommended for ultimate addiction.


Yet relaxing and greatly enjoyable.

I am addicted!!

My little brother had me play a few rounds and I told myself to not download it and I did. And Im addicted, I wish they had disney music though that would be amazing!!

Super addictive

Ugh I waste so much time on this game and I love it


This game is everything

Love this app!

This app is great but life would be a lot easier if all the selection songs I owned were listed together


So far so good! It helps to have swift fingers lol

Poor $$ Value

This is a feat game that my whole family loves however it is outrageously expensive and impossible for young kids to play because of the ads and pricing model. Having done the math it is about 3.4 cents per game to purchase but you still have to contend with and obnoxious volume of adds that are difficult for kids to know what to do to keep playing the game. I would rate this game a 5 star if it was sold as an unlimited ad free game. As it is now when my 6 and 8 year olds play I have to sit with them to navigate through the ads and in app purchases. There is no excuse for not having an ad free version anymore. I dont mind paying for my games but this sort of in your face advertising is unacceptable and I will be deleting the game because of it.


Im addicted to this game it has no problems for me I just love it

Cant log on multiple device

Each time I sign on another device by Facebook login, "fixed abnormal data" error keeps coming then all my energies has gone. By the way right part of the screen is not well effectively.

Fix left tile

The game is really fun but the issue with the left tile makes me not want to play the game as much. It wasnt an issue when I first downloaded the game but now it happens almost every time.

Really fun

Good fun and always has plenty of songs to choose from the play.

very good (^◇^)


Too good.

Keep it on my my devices I love it.

Greatest piano game

Love it compete with my son and wifey had a great time


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